Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Check the new Updates

PicGhost added a lot of new features

Thanks for being a picghost user. We hope you enjoy the website.
We heared you during the last few months, get inspired from your ideas, and now check picghost with a lot of new features you requested.

A Better Photo Editing Tool

Aviary simplifies your photo editing online, it gives you all nice tools you need to edit your photos online, PicGhost integrated with avairy to give our users an advanced edit tool, to let users do whatever they want on their photos easily.
Avairy is the preferred photo editing tool on most famous photos websites, such as flickr, pixable, picplz, imgur and hundreds more.

Import / Export Photos from Facebook

People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos,
With picghost you can import photos from facebook to your picghost account, edit them and export them again to facebook, any other service or download them.

Import / Export Photos from Picasa

Do you Organize, edit, and share your photos using picasa, want to edit them? you can edit your picasa photos on picghost, also you can use picghost to transfer photos from picasa to facebook or flicker with just 2 easy steps.

Import / Export Photos from Flickr

Flickr - almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world, enjoy editing your flickr photos on picghost and transfer them to facebook, picasa or download to your computer.

Drag and Drop Upload

PicGhost is introducing a better image uploader, works on all devices, using this new uploader you can upload by browsing photos from your device or drag drop images to upload. you will enjoy it.
400mb at once

Upload up to 400MB at once

Upload multiple images at once (max 40).
Each image up to 10MB! means you can upload up to 400MB at once.

Everything is FREE

PicGhost is a free service and will keep free for ever as we promised, and now no need to register or sign in to use picghost service, just use it, enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Send images to your website server directly by ftp

Today we introduce a new service on PicGhost, the service is to let the website users upload their images after editing them directly to their ftp server account, without the need to download then upload them again.

This new feature aims to help websites owners who make a lot of image editing on the website and want to cut the time spent on editing and putting the edited images on their server again.

How it was before this service:
1- You upload all your images.
2- Edit them all.
3- Download all edited images in a zipped file to your machine.
4- Upload them back to your server where your website exist.

What we did is:
We added a new "Upload to ftp" button, which will let you put your ftp account details*1 and directly send all the images*2 on your server.

*1 PicGhost never save any information about you ftp account.
*2 All images will be on your server extracted not zipped as the normal download button.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maximum upload and bigger image size

PicGhost now support uploading up to 40 images at once
Maximum image size is 10MB.
Means that you can upload up to 400MB images at once with the same high performance.
Why we did that?
- We want our users to get the maximum of what we can do and to make you happy with the service.
- No one else on the internet give's this feature for free, we give.
- Most of camera photos are bigger than 1MB.

Finally we hope that this new feature help you edit your images faster and with less effort.

Note: PicGhost remove all upload image after 24 hours, so your image will not exist on the server after 24 hours.

Sunday, April 18, 2010