Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Send images to your website server directly by ftp

Today we introduce a new service on PicGhost, the service is to let the website users upload their images after editing them directly to their ftp server account, without the need to download then upload them again.

This new feature aims to help websites owners who make a lot of image editing on the website and want to cut the time spent on editing and putting the edited images on their server again.

How it was before this service:
1- You upload all your images.
2- Edit them all.
3- Download all edited images in a zipped file to your machine.
4- Upload them back to your server where your website exist.

What we did is:
We added a new "Upload to ftp" button, which will let you put your ftp account details*1 and directly send all the images*2 on your server.

*1 PicGhost never save any information about you ftp account.
*2 All images will be on your server extracted not zipped as the normal download button.

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