Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How easily uploading images

PicGhost gives you the easiest and fastest ways to upload images and organize for editing.
You can upload up to 20 images at once for FREE.
Go to PicGhost home page, and press start uploading buttonStrartUploadingButton:
We currently support 3 ways to upload your images.
- Single image upload from your computer
Press the Upload images button UploadImagesButton.
From the opened dialog, go to your images directory on your computer hard disk.
Choose the image you want to upload “Penguins.jpg in the screen shot”.
Then press open, uploading will start automatically and you will notice a progress bar below Upload Images button UploadImagesButton, telling images uploading progress.
After uploading done, a message will appear, if its completed successfully or something interrupted it.
Now the page will scrolls down automatically and Start Editing button appears StartEditingButton.

- Multiple images upload from your computer
Now what about multiple images upload? should i use another page? should i learn a new way, or follow new steps?
No no no!
The same here. “we promised, its simple”
For multiple image uploads, you will do the same steps as the single image upload, except one small change, what is that change?!
Simple, instead of selecting just one single image from the opened dialog, select multiple images.
When you press open uploading will start, and your images will be uploaded one by one.
After uploading done, you can see all uploaded images below and the Start Editing button will appear.

- Single image upload from website image URL
Now what about this feature?, how i will upload from a website?, where can i put the image URL?
Currently you can upload images from any image URL, by putting the image URL in the dialog box instead of selecting images.
Pressing Open will get the image and upload it automatically. nothing more nothing less.

Feel free to use the uploading way which fits your needs, and note that you can mix more than one way in the same time for example by selecting a single image from a folder, multiple images from anther folder and getting an image from a URL.
And now enjoy editing….
We used the normal easy ways to upload images, we didn’t something tricky or special, just few user friendly steps.
We always improving our services and adding more features and ways to make uploading images simpler.
Waiting your feedbacks.

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